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Koo makes its algorithms public, promises transparency

New Delhi. Indigenous social media app Ku (KOO) has made its algorithm public. The platform discusses the key variables of its four main algorithms namely feeds, trending, people’s recommendations and notifications. These 4 algorithms decide the type of content that users see and use. According to Koo’s co-founder and CEO Apramaya Radhakrishna, releasing the algorithm is part of the company’s commitment that Ku has no hidden agenda. In addition, all company policies are explained on Ku’s website in multiple languages. He said that the company’s endeavor is to continuously inform all its users about how Kuo operates and how the company is building a safe, fair and reliable social media platform for the future. These algorithms were made public on Ku’s website in March 2022.

Now you can manage what kind of content you want to see on your social accounts. Koo App has made its algorithm public for this feature and has become the first social media platform to do so. With this move of the Ku app, users will be able to manage all the content of what they want to watch. In this way, Ku App has taken itself a step ahead as a transparent and secure platform. It empowers the users to know why they are watching any content. These algorithms were made public only in March 2022 on Ku’s official website.

Kuo recently introduced the voluntary self-verification feature for the first time in the world to all users. It becomes very difficult to identify whether an ID on social media is fake or real, when the account is not verified. Usually, only the accounts of VIPs are verified, but recently Ku has provided the facility to verify their own account. The special thing is that Ku has given this feature first in the world. For this you only need to have a valid government ID. Right now only Aadhaar has been made live. This means that you can verify your account on Ku through Aadhaar.

Radhakrishna and Bidavat started
Koo was started by Apramaya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawat in 2020 to give users an opportunity to express themselves and engage with the platform in Indian languages. It is available in several languages ​​including Hindi, Telugu and Bengali. Mayank Bidawat, Co-Founder, Ku said, “We are focusing heavily on our core stakeholders, users and creators. It is important to help the users to find the right creators.


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