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Komaki introduced fireproof battery, 300KM range in single charge, no more fire in EV!

Electric two-wheelers have been in the news lately for both good and bad reasons. The country faced a significant problem in terms of EV adoption at this time, apparently due to the recent fire accidents involving electric scooters of several companies. Now EV company Komaki in India has a solution to this problem.

This week Komaki introduced a new fireproof battery in India as a solution. From next month, they will be used in all the electric vehicles of the company. Let us tell you that Komaki offers a variety of electric scooters along with some electric motorcycles in India. The new Komaki batteries use the popular lithium-ion batteries, but they have one thing unique. Apart from this, it has also created a handy smartphone app to track battery health. The app will alert the end users and dealers about the condition of the battery at any point of time during use.

According to a statement from Komaki, its new EV battery has a configuration of lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4). This battery is clearly more fire resistant than the normal electric two-wheeler battery. LiFePO4 provide more protection due to higher iron content in battery cells. The company claims that the battery is more fire proof than other companies even in bad conditions.

To overcome the problem of fire, Komaki also plans to reduce the number of cells in the battery pack by a third. There will be less heat buildup inside the battery pack due to fewer cells. Komaki claims that its LiFePO4 battery has a life cycle of more than 2500-3000 as compared to the 800 life cycle of NMC battery.

Due to the new technology, if the EV goes to be repaired, then there is less chance of the battery getting damaged during this time. Furthermore, the innovative Active Balancing Mechanism balances the battery cells in a matter of seconds. The application will be able to analyze 250 batteries in real time. According to the company’s data, the LiFePO4 battery can cover a distance of more than 300 km in a single charge. On the other hand, the Komaki SE and TN95 cover a distance of 180 km on a single charge.

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