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Knowledge: Why watching TV and laptop in the dark can be very dangerous

Some people feel that the way a movie is screened in a dark environment in a theater or movie hall, in the same way, if the windows and doors in the room are closed and everything is dark, then the fun of watching television increases more. With this, the things coming on TV will look much clearer and better. But it is absolutely wrong to believe this, but the right thing is that if you do this, then it can also prove to be very dangerous.

The reality is that our eyes can see any object more clearly in the presence of light or light. Therefore, while watching television, it is necessary to have light in the room. Yes, keep in mind that the rays of light should not fall directly on the TV screen.

what a bad effect

Watching TV in a dark room has two harmful effects. In the dark, the eyes start getting dazzled due to the light coming from the TV screen. If you are watching TV sitting nearby in a dark room, then this effect becomes more. Its effect on the eyes is very bad.

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When we watch TV in a dark room, the light effects also change rapidly with the changing pictures on the screen, the eyes cannot adjust to them and get tired.

Damage from moving images and constantly changing light effects

Watching TV in a dark room, with the moving and moving pictures on its screen, the effect of its light also becomes very high. The eye is unable to adjust to them and it starts getting tired or gets stressed.

Keep light in the room

Therefore, whenever you watch TV, do not keep the room completely dark. Keep some light in it. It would be good if you sit at least 03-04 meters away from the TV. The height of the TV must also be at least four feet so that the eyes do not have to tilt down while watching it.

It is even more dangerous to see the laptop in the dark. Blue rays come out from this, which is not good for the eyes.

It’s even more harmful to see the laptop in the dark

Now let’s talk about the laptop. It is the habit of many young professionals to sit in the dark and work on the laptop and spend hours with it. This is more harmful than watching TV sitting in the dark. If we are doing more like this with our computers and smart phones then we can become blind too.

eyes become dry and red

Laptops, computers and smart phones emit blue rays which cause a lot of problems for the eyes. When we stare at the laptop or mobile screen for hours, we forget to blink our eyes, this makes the eyes dry and red in them, it is also called red eye syndrome.

what mode to view the screen in

In such a situation, we should set zero eye strain screen mode so that there is less trouble for the eyes. Sitting for a long time in the dark on these screens can also cause problems like increased stress, headache and migraine. However, nowadays many screens come with advanced light controls that filter out the blue rays.


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