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Matter of knowledge: Do you know why sleep comes as soon as you sit in the car? Here is the science behind it.

New Delhi: Have you ever wondered why we feel sleepy in the car instead of enjoying the journey about which we are very excited? Perhaps you have never noticed this thing, but during the journey everyone gets sleep. Today we are going to give you information related to this. After all, today we are going to give you the answer to the question of why the car sleeps during the journey. Let’s know….

sleep comes because of this

Let us tell you that a research has been done about this and many things have come out in it. In this research, fast debt, boredom and highway hypnosis have been cited as the reasons for sleepiness in the vehicle. Apart from this, there are many reasons also.

The main reason for falling asleep…

Like if you are going to go somewhere, then you must have done a lot of preparation before that. Apart from this, these things keep going on in your mind that nothing should be missed. You cannot get enough sleep in this affair. This is called Sleep Debt. This becomes the biggest reason for sleep during the journey.


this is also a reason

According to this research done, people get sleep only in a moving vehicle. when he is not doing anything. During this the mind and body reach a state of relaxation. That’s why people start falling asleep during the journey. This condition is called highway hypnosis.

Research says that…

Research says that movement in a moving vehicle also works to induce sleep during travel. During this, your body works in the same way as in childhood, the mother shakes the baby in her lap to make her sleep. In the language of science, it is called Rocking Sensation. And in this condition you feel sleepy.

When you move in the same flow, it is called a rocking sensation. This has a synchronizing effect on the brain. Due to which you go into sleeping mode. It is also called slow rocking. Due to all these reasons, you feel sleepy in the car during the journey.

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