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Knowing this truth about iPhone 14 and Airpods Pro 2, you will buy iPhone 13 today

New Delhi. There is a long discussion about Apple iPhone 14 Launch. Along with this, leaks are continuously coming out regarding the specification of iPhone 14. Now a new report has claimed that iPhone 14 and Airpods Pro will get Bluetooth 5.2. The launch of iPhone 14 will be on 7 September. According to the information, Apple has also filed an application for this. That is, now the new Bluetooth technology will be used in the upcoming devices of Apple.

According to the new report, Apple’s new device will be a step up from the current Bluetooth version. After the leaks, it has become clear that Apple is now working a lot on the new Bluetooth version as well. Audio upgrade option will also be given in iPhone 14 and Airpods Pro. Bluetooth 5.2 is going to prove to be a better option for the new version Airpods.

Also, Apple Airpods Pro 2 is going to have more battery life. You can easily connect 2 devices with one iPhone. According to the leaks, after this you can easily enjoy the same sound or video on two different Airpods. However, before this, in many reports, it was even said that the launch of iPhone 14 series may also be delayed. Because parts were not available due to the lockdown in China.

But now it is clear that the launch of iPhone 14 will happen as per the schedule. Apple is preparing to launch all its products at an event on 7 September. Also, Apple’s full focus right now is to launch the ‘Made in India’ iPhone. This is the reason why the company is also paying full attention to it. In media reports, it was also claimed that the price of iPhone 14 could be lower than that of iPhone 13 due to this reason.

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