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Know why the people of China do not like the smartphones of Chinese companies?

Not only in India, most of the people all over the world prefer Chinese Smartphones, because these mobile phones come in less money and at the same time the features are also available. In India you can see that most of the people have smartphones from Chinese companies only. But do you know that the people of China do not like the mobile phones of Chinese companies. So let’s go over this in some detail.

Chinese people do not like smartphones of Chinese companies

India’s most popular smartphone company Xiaomi is also a Chinese company. In India, 8 out of 10 smartphones are seen by Chinese companies.

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But Chinese smartphone companies are facing tough challenges in their own country as most of the people buy mobile phones from different companies. Yes, Chinese people are preferring Apple iPhone instead of buying Chinese companies’ smartphones. There may be more features and security behind this, due to which people of China are liking Apple more.

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iPhone becomes number 1 smartphone brand in China

At the same time, let us tell you that the recent thing is that Apple has also become the number 1 smartphone brand in China. Apart from this, Apple has remained at the top of the top smartphone brands in China for the last 8 weeks. Thus you can see here that Chinese people do not like the mobiles of their country’s smartphone companies. For this reason, Apple’s iPhone remains the number one brand right now.

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Apple iPhone got a big advantage

Thus, Apple’s smartphones are selling a lot in China, this has benefited them a lot and has also seen a huge jump in reviews.

According to China’s Weekly Smartphone Track Counterpoint Research Report, Apple has remained the No. 1 smartphone brand in China since the launch of the iPhone 13 series. Since those days, Apple has sold the most mobiles in China.

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But still it is facing stiff competition from Chinese smartphone brand Vivo, which is the second largest brand after Apple.

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The report states that Tom Kang, director at Counterpoint Research, has said that Apple’s strong performance in terms of brand and quality can continue. One reason for this is the iPhone 13. He says that due to the low price of the iPhone, it is being liked a lot in China.

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Thus companies like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, Reality, and Tecno which are originally from China but still their mobile phones are not much liked by the people of their country. Smartphones of all these brands are mostly sold in India and India is also the main source of revenue. Xiaomi is the most liked Chinese smartphone brand in India.

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