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Know what is PM Gati Shakti Mission, E-Shram Card and Gram Ujala Yojana? How to get these schemes

Central Government Scheme: From time to time, the Central and State Governments come up with various schemes for the common people. Through all these schemes, the government provides economic and social help to the people of the middle and weaker economic sections of the country. The Modi government of the country has launched many types of government schemes for the poor and common people. A large section of the country has benefited from this. So let us tell you about all these government schemes which have been started by the government for the betterment of common people in the recent past.

PM Gati Shakti Mission
Presenting this year’s budget, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had mentioned ‘PM Gati Shakti Mission’. It was first organized by the Prime Minister on August 15 in 2021 last year. Narendra Modi talked about this plan. Through this scheme, the government is preparing to bring major changes in the field of infrastructure. The purpose of the government behind starting the scheme is that the ongoing development works in different areas can be brought together on the printer platform. Through the scheme, a development roadmap can be prepared by taking together all the ministries like Rail, Road and Highways, Telecom, Power, Shipping, Aviation and Petroleum and Gas of the country. A total of 16 ministries have been involved in this entire project.

PM Gati Shakti Mission of the entire Rs 100 crore project, through which the country’s infrastructure is being fully developed. With this, there is a plan to promote trade by improving the connectivity of railways and roadways. Along with increasing the business, it will also be beneficial for the common people. Due to this people will take less time to go from one place to another. With the increase in trade, the development of the country will also be accelerated. Let us inform that the government has started this project on 13 October 2021. Along with this, through this scheme, the government aims to include 11 industrial corridors, 2 defense corridors, expansion of national highways, increasing the scope of 4G network coverage, etc.

e-shram card scheme
The Modi government of the Center has made people from the poor and weaker sections of the economic class who work in the unorganized sector. For these, e-shram card scheme has been started. Like this scheme, the government helps financially to the people working in the unorganized sector such as laborers, street vendors, laborers working in homes and fields. The state government also has an important role in this scheme. After the corona epidemic started in the year 2020, it had a very bad effect on the workers working in the unorganized sector.

All of them have been forced to leave their work and go home. In such a situation, for financial help to these laborers, the government started the e-shram card scheme. Through this scheme, monthly installment, insurance cover of Rs 2 lakh, financial assistance is given to the government laborers to build a house. Along with this, the Labor Department also runs various schemes for the people to start the work themselves. Any person working in the unorganized sector, whose age is between 18 to 59 years, can take advantage of this scheme. Since the inception of this scheme, so far about 26 crore people have got themselves registered on the e-shram portal. The government’s target is that 38 crore people of the country should join this scheme and take advantage of many government facilities.

Gram Ujala Yojana
Gram Ujala Yojana is one of the most ambitious schemes of the Modi government. Through this scheme, the government distributes LEDs in rural areas of the country for only 10 rupees. The reason behind starting this scheme is that it would reduce the consumption of electricity in rural areas and people would have to pay less electricity bill. Through this scheme, LED bulbs are being distributed in large parts of the country in rural areas of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Pradesh), Karnataka (Karnataka) and Telangana (Telangana). Let us tell you that due to the distribution of LED bulbs under the Gram Ujala Yojana, the consumption of about 72 crore power units is being reduced every year.

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