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Know these three hit formulas of SIP in Mutual Fund, there will never be any loss

New Delhi  : If you understand the tricks of SIP in mutual funds, then it will take no time for you to become a millionaire. If you invest by the special formula mentioned here, then you can get an amount of more than 10 crores by investing 30 years. For this, you have to adopt these three superhit formulas of mutual funds. Let us know these formulas. 

Before investing in mutual funds through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), keep one thing in mind that time is a very important contributor in this. Despite the volatility of the market, if one keeps investing a fixed amount every month, then the net asset value in his mutual fund keeps on increasing. That is, in this way you can collect a huge fund. 

1. First Formula of Investment

Investment advisor Balwant told that there are special formulas for investing in mutual funds. The first formula is 15*15*15. According to this formula, if a person invests 15 thousand rupees every month at the rate of 15 percent return for 15 years, then he will have a fund of about Rs 1.02 crore. That is, this formula will make you rich quickly. 

2. Second Formula of Investment

The second formula for investment is 15*15*30. Under this formula, if a person invests 15 thousand rupees every month for 30 years at the rate of 15 percent return, then he will get a fund of Rs 10.51 crore. During this, he will invest Rs 54 lakh and the return will increase to Rs 9.97 crore. 

Always keep one thing in mind that the more SIP a person does in mutual funds for a longer period of time, the more benefit he will get. However, every person should earn returns by making such investments according to his convenience and duration and income. 

Delay of five years can cause big loss

If an investor starts investing at the age of 30, then it also has a big impact. Let us understand this by calculation.

Assume that the age of the investor is 30 years at the time of starting the investment. The investor invests Rs 5000 every month for 25 years. In such a situation, on the basis of an average return of 12 percent, at the time of maturity, he gets a total amount of Rs 84,31,033. At this time the age of that investor will be 55 years.

If that investor had started investing in SIP at the age of 25, then the entire period would have been 30 years. That is, the investment would have been for 30 years instead of 25 years. According to the record of the last 10 years, SIPs have given an average return of 15 percent. But if we look here also on the basis of 12 percent return on average, then at the time of maturity, he will get a total amount of Rs 1,52,60,066.  

But if this investor had invested from the age of 25, he would have got Rs 68 lakh (Rs 68,29,033) which he did not get because of starting the investment at the age of 30.

Top 10 Mutual Funds on Refund Basis and their Returns

1. SBI Small Cap Mutual Fund : 20.04 percent
2. Nippon India Small Cap Mutual Fund Scheme : 18.14 percent
3. Invesco India Midcap Mutual Fund Scheme : 16.54 percent
4. Kotak Emerging Equity Mutual Fund Scheme : 15.95 percent
5. DSP Midcap Mutual Fund Scheme: 15.27 percent

(Disclaimer: Before making any kind of investment, consult the experts. does not advise you for any kind of investment.)

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