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Know how to take a screenshot on a laptop? This will be the use of ‘Shortcut Keys’; Learn the details

New Delhi: Whether it is a smartphone or a laptop … you need to know some shortcuts while working on any device. Knowing the shortcuts allows you to work faster and save time through this device. From office to college projects now Laptop Has also become a very working device. So some while working on the laptop Shortcut Keys Need to know. You can easily get things done using these shortcut keys. These shortcut keys will be very useful if you want to finish work early in the office. Let’s learn about these Shortcut Keys.

Alt + F4 and Ctrl + Insert

Often people choose the shutdown option by tapping on the window to shut down the computer. Because of this Computer It takes a long time to close and a big process is required. However, you can only turn off the computer directly using the Alt + F4 shortcut key. Also, Ctrl + Insert is a very useful shortcut key. We generally use Ctrl + C to copy text. However, you can easily copy any word using Ctrl + Insert. This option will be very useful if one of the buttons on the keyboard is not working.

Window + D and Window + Shift + S

You can access the desktop directly using the window + D shortcut key. You do not need to minimize any tabs for this. Also, taking screenshots on smartphones is now a regular occurrence. The process is also simple. However, not many people know how to take screenshots on a computer. However, you can take a screenshot of a particular part of the screen using Window + Shift + S. You can send this screenshot to anyone. If this shortcut key does not work, you can also use the press Alt + PrtScn, Windows Logo Key + PrtScn button and CTRL + Print Screen for screenshots. In the meantime, these shortcut keys will speed up your work and save time.

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