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Know how different the Citroen C3 Aircross is from the C3 hatchback, these will be the changes

Citroën C3 Aircross vs Citroën C3 Hatchback: French automaker Citroën has introduced its new C3 Aircross SUV yesterday. This product will expand the portfolio of the company. It is a compact SUV, but it is claimed to get 5+2 seating. The car is based on the same platform as the C3, due to which it will also share similarities with the C3 hatchback. Let us tell you what is going to be the difference between these two cars.

style comparison

The C3 Aircross is an SUV variant based on the C3 platform. In terms of size, this SUV is much bigger than the C3 hatchback with a length of 4.3 meters, while the length of the C3 is less than 4 meters. While its headlamp design is similar to the C3. Also, the halogen lamps along with the front grille are similar to the C3. But the C3 Aircross gets a new lower grille with a skid plate. Its side view is boxy, with a long roofline, while the tail-lamps with the same design as the C3 have been given a slightly larger size. It gets dual tone shades with 17 inch big wheels.

interior comparison

The interiors of the C3 Aircross will get a more premium lighter dualtone shade upholstery, but the C3 hatchback gets only black shade interiors. The dashboard of the C3 Aircross has also been trimmed in a lighter shade while the C3 gets more orange inserts. The same 10-inch touchscreen is available in both. The C3 Aircross also gets a new digital instrument cluster. The C3 Aircross also gets manual AC and connected car tech like the C3. The C3 Aircross misses out on many features including a sunroof, wireless charging which are not available in the C3 as well. The C3 Aircross comes with a longer wheelbase than the C3 hatchback along with roof mounted vents and 5+2 seating.

engine comparison

The C3 Aircross will come with a 1.2L turbo petrol that generates 110bhp power, while the C3 hatchback will get a naturally aspirated 1.2L petrol and a turbo petrol engine. Bookings for the C3 hatchback turbo engine have been put on hold. The C3 Aircross turbo engine will get a 56-speed manual gearbox, the Aircross could get an automatic transmission.

price comparison

The C3 hatchback is expected to be priced at Rs. 6-8 lakhs while the C3 aircross could start from under Rs. 10 lakhs. Along with the more premium exterior design of the C3 Aircross, its compact-interior has also been given a different look. Although there is no difference in many features between both the cars. The C3 Aircross is made for those people who want to buy a big car in a budget.


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