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Kiwi Farms’ Services Terminated by DDoS-Guard Over Hate Forum’s Violation of Acceptable Use Policy

As a second service provider, DDoS-Guard has stopped supporting the notorious online forum Kiwi Farms. The online protection provider announced Monday that it has suspended services for the Kiwi Farms forum. It reportedly received several complaints alleging that the forum’s content violated DDoS-Guard’s Acceptable Use Policy. It then analyzed the content and decided to remove DDoS protection for the website, which has a .ru domain. It’s the second termination Kiwi Farms has received in two days. Cloudflare had blocked Kiwi Farms on Sunday following a pressure campaign led by transgender YouTuber and Twitch streamer Clara Sorrenti (aka Keffals).

DDoS-Guard mentioned in its blog that Kiwi Farms activated its protection on Sunday. But just a day later, the protection service provider stopped supporting the site.

On Monday, DDoS-Guard made it clear that it only intends to block customer sites if it receives an official decision from the court. However, after analyzing the content of Kiwi Farms, DDoS-Guard found it necessary to terminate the service for its domain.

The forum is notorious for harassing activists, feminists and people of color online. Several hate campaigns have reportedly been linked to suicides as forum members take extreme measures to harass their targets, including doxxing and hitting.

The forum was blocked by Cloudflare following a campaign by Canadian activist Clara Sorrenti, who was forced to flee to Europe due to the harassment campaign against her by members of Kiwi Farms.

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