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Kissing Device: On which day are you away from your girlfriend? This device will make you feel closeness

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On which day are you away from your girlfriend? This device will make you feel closeness

As everyone knows that China brings some strange technology every day. Only a few days are left for Valentine’s Week to start. In such a situation, a viral video of a kissing device is going viral on social media. This means that people living in long distance relationships can feel closeness. Actually this device is a kissing device which can give the feel of real lips without human lips.

Actually, such a video had gone viral last year also, when this device was introduced in China. However, this device has once again surfaced.

What is this kissing device?

In today’s time, technology has advanced so much that humans are no longer needed even for romance. Now see the wonders of AI, even if you are single, you can make an AI generated girl your girlfriend. That girl behaves exactly like a real girl. In such a situation, this kissing device can give you the feeling of a real kiss through the phone without a girl or a boy.

Who made this device: A university in Jiangsu province of East China has created this kissing device, the student who created it had created it to reduce the distance with his long distance girlfriend. This device is a mouth-sized model. It links to the phone through Bluetooth and an app.

In a way, this device is also for those people who have any disease in the mouth. Those people can also experience the kiss. This machine can prove to be a good option for both couples living in long distance and people suffering from oral diseases.

feeling of real kiss

According to its review, silicone lips have been made on this device which look exactly like human lips. An app also comes for this device. For this you just have to connect the device to your smartphone and call your girlfriend or boyfriend sitting abroad. While kissing this device, you will also get the experience of breath and voice.

This device is easily available on Chinese e-commerce platforms, currently no such device is available in India.

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