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Kia said Seltos paint came out due to pollution, court imposed fine of Rs 70000

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Kia Motors and its dealer did not pay any special attention to Sameer Verma’s complaint.

Kia Motors: The Consumer Court in the country’s capital Delhi heard a case against Kia Motors. In which the court while giving its verdict imposed a fine of Rs 70 thousand against Kia Motors. Actually, a resident of Delhi had purchased a new Kia Seltos SUV, which started having problems after some time and when it was not resolved even after complaining, the court imposed a fine on it.

Sameer Verma, a resident of Delhi, had bought a brand new Kia Seltos SUV. Whose paint started having problems only after a few days. A few days after purchasing the SUV, Sameer noticed that the panels of his car had started rusting and the paint had started coming off at these places. Along with this, rust was also seen on the chrome parts of the SUV. The user complained about this at the dealership and requested to solve the problem.

Kia Motors and dealer did not pay attention to the complaint

Kia Motors and its dealer did not pay any special attention to Sameer Verma’s complaint and did not repair the customer’s car. In such a situation, Sameer Verma filed a case in the consumer court against Kia Motors and its dealership in the year 2000.

Kia Motors gave this argument in the court

When Kia Motors responded to the user’s complaint, the company and the dealership said that Seltos owners wash their SUV with water daily and use the wrong cleaning product to clean it. The company also said that due to pollution, the cream parts of the Kia Seltos SUV are rusting.

Consumer court imposed fine

Delhi Consumer Court rejected the argument of Kia Motors and the dealership and imposed a fine of Rs 70 thousand on the company. Also, the court gave a time limit of 2 months to pay this fine amount. Also said that, if the company does not pay the fine amount within 2 months, then interest will have to be paid on the said amount at the rate of 7 percent per annum.

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