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Kia Carnival Hybrid: New model of Kia Carnival unveiled, will give more mileage than before!

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Kia Carnival HybridImage Credit source: Kia

Kia Carnival Hybrid MPV: Kia has unveiled the Carnival Hybrid at the ongoing Chicago Auto Show (CAS) in America. The latest MPV car has been introduced by the South Korean company with an electric motor. This will help in getting better mileage. Last year, the new model of Carnival was introduced all over the world. This time the company has updated Carnival with hybrid technology.

Kia has named the new Carnival as Carnival HEV. These four trims – LXS, EX, SX, SX will come in the market with Prestige options. According to media reports, at the end of this year the new kia carnival Sales can start. The new generation model of Carnival can also be launched at the end of the year.

Kia Carnival Hybrid: Specifications

The 2025 Carnival Hybrid will be powered by a 1.6 liter turbo-hybrid engine. Its performance will also be better with electric motor. The advantage of installing an electric motor is that it also improves the mileage. Due to hybrid technology, this car will not only run on petrol but will also run on battery. There is a 6 speed automatic gearbox for power transmission.

Kia Carnival Hybrid: Regenerative Braking

The new Carnival will get 17 inch wheels for better airflow. Drivers will be able to charge the battery through regenerative braking technology by applying brakes through paddle shifters. This will help in improving the range. For this, the company has given three levels of regenerative braking, drivers can choose any of these levels as per their choice.

Kia Carnival Hybrid: Features

For the hybrid model, Carnival has the facility of e-handling which will help in going into any corner and getting out of there. It will be easier to go through bumps through E-Ride and E-Evasive Handling Assist will make it easier to control the steering in an emergency. Kia has also updated ADAS in the hybrid model of Carnival. Now this car has become safer than before.

The hybrid avatar of Carnival has been introduced in the global market. At present, it is not clear when this car will be launched in India.

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