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Keep your WhatsApp account more secure with the help of these simple tips, hackers will stay away

New Delhi: WhatsApp It is one of the most popular messaging apps. WhatsApp makes it very easy to communicate with others. To make your experience even safer, you can pay more attention to online security. A few simple tips will help you. This will make you more secure in personal messages and files. To enhance your privacy, first of all, enabling Two Step Verification for your WhatsApp account is a great option. All you have to do is start this in-build feature.

Check for unknown links:

Finding unfamiliar links to everything from email to Instagram DM is a big problem, not just on WhatsApp. Sometimes you get Malitius links from people you know. To avoid this, you can test it by pasting it on any link-checking site like ScanUrl, FishTank, Norton Safe Web.

Security Notification:

WhatsApp Security Notifications tell users when they might be at risk of compromising their chat. If you enable notifications, a quick notification is sent to all chats when your account is logged on to the new device. So, if your WhatsApp account has been hacked and you have logged in from somewhere else, your contacts will know. To enable this feature, navigate to WhatsApp settings / account / security and toggle on security notifications.

If you lose your phone, log out of your account immediately:

If you lose your smartphone with SIM, you can quickly get a duplicate SIM card and insert it into a new phone. After that, by downloading WhatsApp on this phone, you can use your new SIM for OTP and log in to WhatsApp. As soon as you log in to the account from the new device, it will log out from your old phone.

Use different DPs:

People can get a lot of information about you by using your profile picture. If your profile picture is the same on other platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook or LinkedIn, people can download your WhatsApp profile picture and post it on your Facebook page or any other social media handle. It may also reveal some of your information.

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