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Keep this special light in mind while withdrawing cash from ATM! Otherwise the account will be empty

New Delhi:  While withdrawing cash from ATM, your just a small mistake can cause you a loss of crores. Actually, the cases of cybercrime are increasing rapidly nowadays. With online transactions, withdrawing money from ATMs is no longer safe. For the last few days, new cases related to ATM fraud are coming out every day, so whenever you withdraw money from ATM, be alert. Let us know what are the things you need to keep in mind while withdrawing money from ATM. 

Your details get stolen from ATM

Be alert whenever you withdraw money from ATM. After using the ATM, you must check it carefully. The biggest danger in ATM is from card cloning. Let’s know how your details are easily stolen here.

How are data stolen?

Nowadays hackers have become very clever. These hackers steal the data of any customer from the slot where the card is inserted in the ATM machine. Actually, for this, they put such a device in the card slot of the ATM machine, which scans the complete information of your card. With this, all your details go to that device. After this, they steal this data from Bluetooth or any other wireless device.

follow this method

But, even after this, it is mandatory for the hacker to have your PIN number to take full access to your debit card. Hackers have a method for this too. Hackers track the PIN number with a camera. That is, they have a complete system for theft of your bout. To avoid this, whenever you enter your PIN number in the ATM, cover it with the other hand, so that it cannot be seen by the CCTV camera.

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Make sure to check ATM like this 

Apart from this, when you go to the ATM, check the card slot of the ATM machine.
– If you feel that any tampering has been done in the ATM card slot or if the slot is loose or there is any other fault, then do not use it.
Apart from this, while inserting the card in the card slot, keep an eye on the ‘Grenn Light’ burning in it. 
If the green light is on in the slot here, then your ATM is safe.
But if there is no red or any other light in it, then do not use the ATM.

In such a situation, inform the police

If you also go to any ATM and there you feel that you are trapped in the trap of hackers and the bank is also closed, then you should contact the police immediately. If you give this information to the police at the right time, then fingerprints can be found there. Or that fraud can also be reached through Bluetooth connection. 



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