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Keep these things in mind when shopping from Amazon-Flipkart, stay safe, otherwise there will be losses

Online Shopping Tips: The trend of online shopping has increased a lot in India. Amazon and Flipkart are ready to offer many great products to customers at low prices. Amazon War always gives customers the opportunity to buy consumer goods cheaply with many offers. In addition, the organization of the sale on Flipkart is often the reason. There are a few things to keep in mind if you are thinking of buying something in such sales. As easy as it is for you to shop online these days, it can also be unsafe for your bank account. That’s why it’s important not to overlook certain things when shopping online. What to keep in mind when shopping online. Learn about it. Also, follow these simple tips when shopping online. So that you will not be harmed. See details.

Check Guarantee

Being cheap, customers often buy without checking any items. And ignore the guarantees and warranties available on the goods. Doing so could hurt you. Especially when ordering electronic items, you should know about the warranty on them. It is always better to know the details about returning the product, also about cash on delivery. So, if you don’t like something, you can return it. And the chances of damage will also be lower. So do not ignore the guarantee and warranty available on the item when buying.

Public Wi-Fi

Don’t use public Wi-Fi: The most important and often overlooked thing when shopping online is using public Wi-Fi. To keep your bank account secure, it’s important that you don’t use public Wi-Fi. Most of the time people start shopping online only through public Wi-Fi by attending public places like cyber cafes or restaurants. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.


Pay attention to the offer: The number of people shopping online has increased more than ever before. People prefer to shop online to save time than to buy goods offline. There was also a lot of savings on this because of the offer. In online shopping, sometimes discounts are immediately available. So, sometimes it comes in the form of cash back after a few days or a few months. So find out about it in advance. If you have an offer code, use it too. Also check which bank or card you are getting additional discount and use it.

Cash On Delivery

The cash-on-delivery option is the right one: if you are getting the best deal on a site you don’t know much about. So, cash on delivery is the best option ever. Not only that, it would be better if it was opened in front of the delivery boy.

Debit or credit card: Never save your debit or credit card details when making online payments. Many times when filling in the card details on the site, there is an option of save card details and it is ticked. People click the OK button. Ignoring this is not at all safe.

Safe Seller

The right seller: If you are considering buying from Amazon and Flipkart, you may not know that the sellers who sell their wares through these sites are also different. So care must be taken while shopping. This is because many sellers send the wrong goods at a higher discount. Therefore, if you are buying any item, first look at the seller and also their rating. Only buy if the rating is right, otherwise don’t. Great if sellers like Amazon Fulfill or Flipkart Assured.

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