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Keep these 5 things in mind while buying External SSD for data storage


Be sure to check portability before buying an external SSD.
Along with this, it is important to pay attention to the speed of data transfer.
Be sure to ask about connectivity. Support all operating systems only then buy.

new Delhi. Most of the people download software movies or necessary documents in laptop or computer. Gradually, due to the lack of storage, its speed also decreases. Not only this, it is not safe to store data in a laptop. That’s why many people buy external SSD cards separately. Small mistakes while buying it can result in loss of thousands of rupees.

Pay attention to 5 things before ever buying it. Many times people buy local SSC card in haste. Due to this, there are possibilities of it getting corrupt only after the warranty expires.

portable ssd
If you are buying an external SSD card to keep the data safe, then keep in mind that it should be as portable as possible. Actually, when it is heavy, many times people forget it at home when they do not feel much need. So keep in mind that it should be portable, not overweight and should be less thick. Not only this, make sure to know its strength as well.

company and strength
Before buying any electronic item, do check its strength. Not only this, do ask the shopkeeper about whether it is water and dustproof or not. Apart from this, instead of local, buy it only after seeing a famous company. Don’t forget to check out the drop test, IP rating and whether it is safe or not. If it falls when it is weak, you can suffer heavy losses.

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data transfer speed
Actually the price of external SSD depends on the data transfer and its capacity. If its speed is too slow then avoid taking it. If you are buying it, then the reading speed should be at least 1000 MBPS MBPS and the writing speed should be 500 MBPS. Generally, people do not pay attention to the speed while transferring software and films. On the other hand, if the gaming console and large files have to be transferred, then it may take a long time if the speed is low at this time.

hardware encryption
It is very important to keep any data safe. Lakhs of rupees can be lost if it goes into the wrong hands. Not only this, it is also very difficult to guess what they can do with the data. Buy external SSD only if it has hardware encryption feature. Apart from this, if there are facilities to set a separate password in it, then it is a very good thing.

device connectivity
Lastly, while buying an external SSD card, do ask about device connectivity. Many times people want to use it on different operating systems. But due to the lack of this feature, they are not able to do it. If it has the facilities to connect with all devices like windows, android and ios. You can also check it by installing it on different devices.


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