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Keep these 5 big things in mind before buying an electric car, there will be record breaking sales every month

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There has been a huge jump in the demand for electric cars in the recent past. The main reason for this is the increase in the prices of petrol and diesel. In such a situation, electric cars are not only a good option to save, but their maintenance cost is very less. But this does not mean that there should be negligence regarding electric cars or vehicles. In such a situation, the important tips given below can be useful for you so that your electric vehicle can run without any problem for a long time.

Motor must be taken care of

The motor cannot be ignored in electric cars. It is also true that like the engines of conventional petrol cars, the motors of electric cars do not need to worry about the maintenance. In electric cars, there is no need to worry about the fuel filter or oil switch. However, for best results, electric cars should be serviced at the same frequency as conventional vehicles. In this case, it should be tried that the motor should be serviced by a similar mechanic who has special experience in electric cars or vehicles.

Understand brake maintenance

Regenerative braking is used in electric vehicles. In this particular type of braking, the brake pads work in good order. When you apply the brakes on an electric car, the kinetic energy is converted into electricity, which gives power to the electric car. Do not be careless about servicing these brakes. Whenever possible, avoid speeding. Minimizing the use of high speeds will mean that your car’s battery will last longer. Avoid places with heavy traffic. This will put less pressure on the brakes.

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smart parking

When it comes to electric cars, parking of such vehicles also becomes important. With Smart Parking, you can keep your battery in good condition for a long time. Try to park your electric car in as much shade as possible. This will not only keep the temperature of your vehicle comfortable, but it also has many other benefits. Actually, by parking the electric car in the sun, the thermal management system starts responding. Due to this, the battery consumption starts. Obviously, no human would want their car to be low on charge when they return from the parking lot. If the car is parked in the sun for a long time, then there is a risk of overheating of the battery. Since batteries are eco-friendly, electric car owners should take special care of them.

Protect battery from overcharging

Many people always like to keep the battery fully charged whether it is a smartphone or an electric vehicle. But in the case of electric cars, it can also prove to be harmful. Continuous overcharging can lead to battery wear down. Therefore, it should be tried that the battery is charged up to 80-90 percent only. Apart from this, if there is very little charge in your car for a long time, then this situation can also not be called good. This also has a negative effect on the battery. If the charge of the user’s electric car battery is too low for two consecutive weeks at a time, then it can cause problems. Apart from this, quick charging should not be used too much.

Don’t Forget Basic Car Maintenance

Driving an electric car does not mean that users should forget basic and standard car maintenance rules. It is important to ensure that the electric car has enough coolant so that all the features of the vehicle function properly. Apart from this, replace the wiper blades of the car twice a year. The special thing is that due to being an electric car, the user will not have to worry about oil change or spark plug, but for the rest, the electric car should be taken care of. For example, the fluid of the wiper of the car should also be changed like conventional cars.


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