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Keep the Wifi router here again see amazing, heavy files will start downloading at scorching speed

High Speed ​​Internt: If you want to run internet in high-speed, then today we will tell you some such positions where you place the router, the internet starts running at high speed. 

High Speed ​​Internet: If you want to run internet in high speed then it is not necessary that it will happen even after taking good service or many times it happens when you get high speed internet connection but its speed according to your needs. falls short of, and after this happens, you have to work hard and also have to wait a lot to do your work. Because the Internet does not work properly, there can be many reasons behind this, but one of them can also be the wrong positioning of the router. If you have no idea about this, then today we are going to tell you the correct positioning of the router, due to which you can increase the internet speed of your WiFi connection.

Router placed at a height:  If you have placed the router from excessive sleep, then by doing so the signal of Wi-Fi is affected, after this you do not get the right internet speed in every room of the house, if you want that the home If the internet speed is the same in every room, then for this you will have to change the positioning of the router, you have to keep it at a place which is at a slight height as well as every room is accessible from here.

Keep the router in an open place: Never place a Wi-Fi router in a place that is closed from all sides, if you want good internet coverage in every corner of the house, then it is necessary that you place the router in the hall or Put it on the porch. This makes every room accessible and the same internet speed is available everywhere. If you do this then you will definitely get to see good results and you will be able to enjoy the internet well.

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