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Keep personal data ‘safe’ from friends constantly peeping into mobile, it will work with one click, see trick

New Delhi: Most of the time you give your phone to your friend for some work. But, instead of doing the work for which the friend has given the phone, he is peeping into your smartphone. So if you don’t want others to see the information in your smartphone, don’t worry. No one will be able to sneak into your phone if you use some simple tips. This trick will work even if your phone is unlocked. Today we bring you Android phones Screen pinning We will talk about the feature. Allows you to lock the app on the screen of your device. Screen pinning is a tool that allows you to pin specific apps on the device interface. This feature will work on all versions of Android 5.0 or above. In short, now you can give your phone to anyone without worrying. It will not be able to sneak into your phone. Let’s learn how to use the Screen Pinning feature.

To use the Screen Pinning feature, follow these steps:

Many phones also have this feature PIN called Windows. So, in many cases this feature is called screen pinning. All you have to do is go to your phone’s settings. Then you have to go to Biometrics and Security feature. After that, you need to go to the other security settings below. Here you have to scroll down a bit. The PIN Windows option will then be given below. It has to be turned on. You will then need to exit Settings. Then you have to go to the app you want to pin and close it.

Then go to Recent Apps and tap on the icon at the top of the app you want to pin and then tap on Pin the App. After doing so, the app will be pinned and no other app will open without that app.

Unpin the app like this
: To unpin the app, you need to tap Back button and Recent button at the same time. Doing so will unpin the app.

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