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Keep car and bike safe from firecrackers in Diwali, follow these important tips

Carry Portable Fire Extinguisher

It is very important to have a small fire extinguisher i.e. portable fire extinguisher in the vehicle. If you drive a car, a small fire extinguisher should normally be in your car anyway. It can be of great use to you at any time. Especially in Diwali, when there is a high risk of any untoward incident due to firecrackers, then fire extinguishers are most useful.

If you drive an electric scooter or bike with removable batteries, you can take it out and keep it in a safe place during Diwali. Keep electric charging sockets and cables in the house properly covered to avoid the risk of short circuit due to fire.

first aid box

Usually most of the drivers ignore the first aid box. But it is most useful for quick healing of your injury at the time of accident. You can keep a small first aid box in your car or bike. Cars or bike riders on the road during Diwali are at high risk of getting burnt by the sparks of firecrackers.

In such a situation, in the event of a burn or accident, you can get quick relief. You can keep a bandage, cotton and ointment in the first aid box. Apart from this, you can also keep anti-burn lotion, aloe vera gel and anti-biotic lotion to reduce irritation.

Keep car doors and windows closed

If you park a car inside or outside the house, make sure that the doors and windows of the car are completely closed. If the car has a sunroof, keep it off while lighting the firecrackers. This is because there is a danger of burning people traveling in cars or bikes due to the spark of firecrackers. If the spark gets inside the car, then there is a risk of fire in the car. Also make sure that no flammable material or material is kept inside the car.

do not cover the car

Often people cover the car with a cover while parking it. It is good to protect the car from dust, dirt and water, but it can damage your car during Diwali. In fact, most car covers are made of synthetic fabrics that burn when exposed to the slightest spark. So it is better that you do not cover anything on the car during Diwali.

drive responsibly

Most of the events during festivals in India take place on the streets and in open spaces. A similar atmosphere is seen during Diwali as well. In such a situation, it also becomes your responsibility to drive a car or bike safely on the road so as to avoid accidents during festivals.

You drive carefully on the road and don’t drive at high speed. While riding a bike, do not make any kind of panic after seeing the firecrackers, as well as take care of the safety of the people traveling with you.

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