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Kawasaki unveils robocoat

Last week, Kawasaki, as part of the Kaleido program, introduced the four-legged Bex walking goat, which can be used as a cargo and mobile vehicle, at the International Robot Exhibition (iREX) in Tokyo. Its prototype was the Ibex mountain goats, famous for their agility and ability to move around the mountains and climb steep slopes.

For fast movement on a flat surface, the developers have provided four pairs of wheels mounted in the knee joints – the speed in this mode will not be inferior to an electric scooter. And on rough terrain, Bex is able to maneuver on four legs and prance like a trained artiodactyl with developed balance.

The Bex has a payload capacity of 220 pounds, or about 100 kilograms, and is controlled by a traditional handlebar. The upper design part of the frame can be dismantled from the driving to the purely cargo.

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