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“Kaspersky Lab”: a photo of your passport is stored on the phone more often than memes and funny pictures

The Kaspersky Lab team shared the results of a New Kaspersky survey in Russia. About a third (29%) of survey participants noted that they keep screenshots or photos of their passport and other important documents on their phones, and 13% – passwords.

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Almost half (46%) of respondents also noted that they save photos of pets, 35% – screenshots or pictures of what they want to buy, 27% – memes, funny pictures, 22% – photos of water and electricity meters, 21% – screenshots or photos places they want to visit, such as restaurants and exhibitions, 17% are screenshots or photos of another person’s passport and other important documents, and 15% are fragments of work correspondence. There are also those who, for security reasons, before leaving the house, take pictures of turned off household appliances, such as stoves or irons – such 3%.

Experts drew attention to the fact that people can put their confidential data at risk if they do not use special programs for storage or exchange documents in unencrypted form.

Dmitry Galov, a cybersecurity expert at Kaspersky Lab, commented:


In general, people are aware of the cyber threats smartphone owners can face. However, despite this, users can store confidential and corporate data on devices without any protection, exchange them in instant messengers, and not think about protecting the device itself from various malware.



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