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Kashmir Day Row: Boycott of Hyundai and Kia in India amid demand for apology, FADA seeks clarification from companies

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Veteran car maker Hyundai controversy over the controversial posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on behalf of the Pakistani partner Nishant Group is not taking its name to stop. Strong reactions are being seen in India on this whole matter. People in India are demanding an apology from Hyundai, but no official apology has been issued by the company yet.

FADA did and sought clarification from hyundai
Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) has issued an official statement on this entire matter and has apologized to both the companies. In its statement, FADA said, ‘We strongly condemn Hyundai Pakistan and Kia Pakistan for the tweet on Kashmir. Huh. We remain committed to our motherland and have asked both companies in India to clarify their stand on this. We have sought clarification from the Ministry of Heavy Industries and SIAM India from Hyundai. Kashmir is an integral part of India and will remain for eternity, Jai Hind.

Kia Motors also in controversy
based in pakistan Kia Motors A similar controversial tweet was made by Crossroads, about which people in India are giving sharp reactions and are demanding an apology from Kia as well. So far no apology has been issued from both the companies. However, Hyundai definitely clarified on this whole matter.

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