Monday, February 26, 2024

KAMAZ streamlined production cabin details K5: Russian lounges do not yield to German ones from Daimler Truck AG

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KAMAZ, as part of the import accommodation strategy, decided to optimize and improve the production process of long cabins of the flagship family K5.

Until 2023, these components would be supplied ready-made from Daimler Truck AG and manufactured by the Germans using hot sheet stamping. Starting last year, KamAZ switched to independent production of suspensions for the cabin K5, using less expensive technology of cold sheet stamping with the use of two-phase steel.

According to representatives of the factory, Russian lounges successfully passed vibration tests and surface tests, demonstrating no worse results than German ones.

To fully import the K5 cabin in 2023, KamAZ needed to produce more than 200 stamps and acquire the production of 117 elements. Production of another 23 parts was organized at another Russian enterprise through outsourcing.

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