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KAMAZ shared its plans and successes. Fully localized tractor KAMAZ-54901 will be released in 2023

KAMAZ plans to produce 346 K4 generation mainline tractors and 77 K5 generation tractors in the second quarter of 2022. The press service of the company noted that the most popular models are tractors of the K4 generation – KAMAZ-5490 (4×2) and KAMAZ-65209 (6×2), as well as new generation K5 – KAMAZ-54901 (4×2) and KAMAZ-65659 (6×2).

Today the market of long-haul tractors is the largest segment of the Russian truck market. At the end of 2021, the company’s share in this segment reached 31%.

As of April 14, sales of cars of the K4 and K5 generations amounted to 1,621 units. KAMAZ-5490 is still in the greatest demand with the result of 950 cars sold. The second place is occupied by KAMAZ-54901, the new flagship of the K5 generation, with sales of 605 vehicles.

Due to the lack of imported spare parts, the process of localization of imported components is currently underway. By 2023, an updated localized KAMAZ-54901 tractor will appear. Today, this car is a full-fledged replacement for the popular KAMAZ-5490 mainline tractor.

Last week it became known that Rostec localizes a 500-horsepower engine for KAMAZ and other Russian manufacturers.

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