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KamAZ assembled the first K5 truck in a new, improved version: model features

KamAZ assembled the first updated KamAZ-54901 mainline tractor in a new version. The production of this version will not depend on the supply of components from unfriendly countries.
The first updated tractor of the K5 generation was assembled on a conveyor in the general flow and received various improvements. The cooling system, on-board information system, electrical equipment system, cab suspension and sound insulation were improved and finalized in it. In addition, the new version has replaced the automatic transmission, drive axle and pneumatic system, improved ride smoothness, and reduced fuel consumption. An additional soundproofing layer is also provided on the cab doors, which will provide more comfortable conditions for the driver.

After leaving the main conveyor, the car was inspected by specialists of the KamAZ quality department in accordance with the duty procedure. After the elimination of the identified comments, the car will be sent to the Scientific and Technical Center of the company, where its components and assemblies will undergo a series of tests. The certification of the updated model will be followed by its serial assembly.


In February, the plant plans to produce more than 70 KamAZ-54901 tractors using components localized in Russia and friendly countries.

On the production of sanctions-resistant trucks of the K5 generation was announced last week.


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