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“Kalashnikov” showed tests of dynamic protection for the BMP-3

Concern “Kalashnikov” revealed additional details about the dynamic protection kit for the BMP-3, which was announced a couple of weeks ago.
The developers have published a video of testing a new generation dynamic protection complex for the BMP-3, which was carried out at the Alabino training ground. In this case, a mock-up of the side of the combat vehicle was used, which was fired from a grenade launcher.

After the publication of the video about the new generation dynamic protection system for the BMP-3, you asked when we would show the tests? We answer – today. The main roles are a new element of dynamic protection 4S24 and an RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher.



A cumulative action PG-7VS shot with armor penetration of at least 400 mm of armored steel was used. The container was installed with an air gap relative to the board layout. After the grenade hit the target and a spectacular explosion, it turned out that it was not possible to break through the armor plate. Dynamic protection worked and completely destroyed the cumulative jet. Only four marks 2-5 mm deep remained on the front side of the armor.
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