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Just one voice command and your parking payment will be done, Google is working on new feature

Google is working on a new feature by tying up with a company. Under this, you will be able to pay for parking by giving voice commands on Google Assistant. Work on some more features is going on. Let us know what is this feature.

Google has become an important part of all of our lives today. It helps us in many ways. Whether it is about office work, searching for something or downloading something on the phone. You must be using it often. Apart from this, you must have used Google Map to travel anywhere. Now Google’s voice assistant has also become quite popular. It does many things for us just by speaking. Google is constantly engaged in making this feature smart. Now the news is that there is a preparation to add one more feature in it, under which you will be able to pay for parking just by speaking on Google. Let us know what is this feature.

Tieup with this company

According to the report, Google had partnered with a company named Parkmobile in the past. Google is working on this special feature in collaboration with ParkMobile. The report states that this feature will work through Google Assistant. Like users who now use it by saying Hey Google for other things, they will have to ask for the parking payment feature.

Payment option will come as soon as Google is told

As soon as the users say that hey Google pay for parking, then Google Assistant will operate and will show other payment options to the users other than Google Pay. After this, you will continue to give voice commands by choosing the option according to your choice. This feature will also help in other things related to parking.

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