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Just be careful when selling smartphones! Shoppers can easily get your Deleted Photos, see Details

New Delhi: Nowadays, the market is full of new smartphones. Companies try to offer something new in their new smartphones every time. Many smartphone users are also waiting for the launch of a new smartphone. They also think that the new phone will get something abandoned. Seeing these updated smartphones in the market makes many people think their phone is old and a large number of users try to replace the phone only after one to one and half years. While doing so many people sell their old phones and buy new smartphones with the same money. But, often users do not take proper care when selling their smartphones. Which can get them into trouble. If you are also thinking of selling your smartphone then there are a few things to consider first.

When selling an old phone, people often delete all the photos and videos of the phone. They feel that their data will no longer be accessible to strangers. But it is completely wrong to think so. Just by pressing the delete button, the photos are deleted from the gallery. But, they are then stored elsewhere and anyone can retrieve them. Deleted Photos Photos can be restored: There are several ways to do this. The first way is to retrieve your photos from the Recently Deleted folder. Photos can be accessed even if the person has taken photos from there.

Method 2: There are many recovery softwares available in the market. This allows you to restore deleted photos from the phone. Take care: First of all, make a backup of your important data and save it to you. Log out of all apps on the phone. Remove your SIM card and microSD card from the smartphone. Just deleting photos is not enough. Factory reset your phone. Go to phone settings, find reset option. Then go to factory reset and reset the phone completely. This will clear all the data on the phone.


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