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Jupiter will be visible from Earth after 59 years, will be easily visible with the help of binoculars

New Delhi. After 59 years, Guru is coming very close to the earth. It is the largest planet in the Solar System. For the past several months, Jupiter has been shining in the sky above the earth. It is constantly coming closer to the earth. Now on September 26, this annual is ready to reach the Opposition and it will come very close to the earth. This will bring the space object and the Sun on the opposite side of the Earth. NASA has already given information about this.

How can I see the Guru?

NASA scientists have recently answered the questions of such people. NASA has said that the distance between Earth and Jupiter will be halved on September 26, although the distance between them is about 96 million kilometers. But on September 26, this distance will be 59 crore kilometers. This distance will start decreasing from September 25. On this day it can be easily seen even with binoculars.

Changing the direction is called Apposition-

The phenomenon of changing this direction of Jupiter is called Apposition in scientific language. Apposition is common for the planet Jupiter, it happens once in every 13 months. During this time Earth and Jupiter come very close. But this time the distance between the two planets is going to be much less. In such a situation, this coincidence is happening for the first time. After about 59 years, Earth and Guru have come so close. From Earth, the planet Jupiter is going to appear much larger than normal.

Earlier in 1963, a similar coincidence was made when Jupiter came so close to Earth. This isn’t happening for the first time. This time also these planets will appear bigger than normal.

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