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Jonathan Nolan about the Fallout series: “It’s like Fallout 5”

In a month, the long-awaited TV adaptation of the post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout will premiere. Fans are already sharpening their pitchforks, and the show’s authors are afraid of comparisons with last year’s series based on The Last of Us.


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In a conversation with Total Film, Jonathan Nolan, executive producer, shared his emotions from working on the project. He is delighted – because for once his creation can be written into the canon. Nolan even compared the new film to the Dark Knight trilogy.

In my entire career, Fallout is the closest thing we’ve done to a Batman adaptation. True, there is so much storytelling in the Batman universe that there is no canonical version of the story, and you are essentially free to make up your own.

The producer even proclaimed the series the fifth part of Fallout – albeit a non-interactive one:

Each of the games represents a separate story – with a different city, different main characters, and so on – in a single mythology. And our series is connected to games in the same way that games are connected to each other. It’s like we’re Fallout 5. I don’t want to sound too self-confident, but this is essentially just a non-interactive version of it, right?

Jonathan Nolan also noted that after the success of The Last of Us, much is expected from video game adaptations. This scares the team a little: now there will be comparisons with Craig Mazin’s show and other successful adaptations.

Let us remind you that the series based on Fallout starts on April 12. It will be released through Amazon’s Prime Video service.


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