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Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be abandoned in the US due to dangerous side effects

As noted, with the Johnson & Johnson vaccination, some patients experience a bleeding disorder, which can occur within three weeks after receiving the drug. A committee of scientists and doctors voted to abandon the vaccine, recommending the measure to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention due to growing concerns about such severe side effects.

The committee members concluded that given the safety and widespread availability of other vaccines in the United States, and the severity of side effects seen with Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, Centers should “prefer” people to get the vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has provided information regarding the side effects of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine. According to the document, blood clotting disorders are quite rare: 54 reported cases out of approximately 16 million people who received the vaccine, but this trend in itself raises concerns. Women aged 30-49 are at greatest risk. About 15%, or one in seven, die from a bleeding disorder, with all reported cases requiring hospitalization.

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