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Jobs in TCS-Infosys, more than 90,000 people will get jobs, WFH will also continue

IT Job Alert: There is a lot of jobs in the IT sector at this time. The country’s two giant IT companies TCS job and Infosys Job are troubled by those leaving the job at this time. Both the companies are facing attrition rates. TCS-Infosys is facing a high dropout rate, due to which both the companies are going to hire on a large scale this financial year.

Know how much the number of people leaving the job increased
Let us tell you that in March 2022, the leaving rate of Infosys has increased from 25.5 percent to 27.7 percent. Nilanjan Roy, Chief Financial Officer of Infosys and Management of Infosys said that the job loss rate in the last quarter was lower than it is now.

Jobs given to more people than the target
TCS plans to give jobs to about 40,000 freshers this year. The company had set a target of about 40,000 jobs last year as well, but the company had hired more than one lakh people, that is, the company employed more employees than the target. Experts believe that TCS can recruit more than the target in the current financial year as well.

35000 people were given jobs in the March quarter
Apart from this, if we talk about the quarter, in the last quarter of the last financial year, the company has given jobs to more than 35000 people, which is the highest level ever on a quarterly basis.

Infosys to give jobs to 50,000 freshers
If we talk about Infosys, then it is planning to give jobs to about 50,000 freshers this year. Apart from this, more people can also be given jobs. At the same time, last year the company had hired about 85000 people, which is almost double the target. The number of people leaving the job in Infosys is high, due to which more recruitments are being done.

How many employees were given jobs in which year?
According to the information received from the media, Infosys and TCS have given jobs to a total of 61000 people in FY 20. At the same time, in the financial year 2022, TCS has hired one lakh and Infosys has hired 85000 people. At the same time, if we talk about the financial year 2023, then a plan is being made to appoint more than 50,000 freshers this year.

Know what the company officials said
Nilanjan Roy, Chief Financial Officer, Infosys said, “Last year, we have hired 85,000 new people across India and globally. We are planning to hire at least 50,000 above and see how it pans out but these are just preliminary figures.

Know what TCS officials said
Similarly, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has said that its pace of appointment will remain the same as in the previous financial year. TCS Chief Operating Officer NG Subramaniam has said that the company has set a target of 40,000 and will increase it further during the year.

Work from home will continue
TCS is currently planning to adopt the ’25X25′ model. Under this model, employees will be gradually called to the office and changes will also be made in the hybrid work model. Let us tell you that by the year 2025, more than 25 percent of the employees of the company do not need to work from office, that is, they will work from home even further.

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