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Jio’s superfast 5G is being launched across 1000 cities! Calling and internet will be above super


  • Jio is bringing its 5G connectivity
  • User experience will be better
  • may start in 1000 cities

New Delhi. Reliance Jio is preparing to launch 5G in one thousand cities of the country. The company is testing healthcare and industrial automation on its 5G network. The company is using heat maps, 3D maps and ray tracing technology to identify high consumption areas and customers as data consumption will be high on 5G networks. To build a strong network as per the requirement of the customers. This was revealed in the quarterly results of Reliance Industries.

Jio has formed several teams to develop customer based 5G solutions. Those who have been deployed in India as well as America so that they can develop different types of 5G solutions. The company believes that these teams will create such 5G solutions that will be at par or better than the world in technical level. Apart from this, the company has also formed a technology team in Europe which will prepare for 5G ahead.

The company is also rapidly expanding the infrastructure for the rapid deployment of 5G. The availability of fiber and electricity at the sites is also being increased. So that when the time for 5G rollout comes, there will be no interruption or delay in it.

Reliance Jio’s ARPU (ie Average Revenue Per Customer Per Month) has also increased. The ARPU per subscriber per month has increased to ₹151.6. The reason for this is believed to be better SIM consolidation and the recent price hike of around 20 per cent. There has been an increase in data and voice traffic i.e. calling per user per month. Every subscriber on Jio network consumed 18.4 GB of data per month and talked for about 901 minutes.

Jio added about 12 million customers to its network this quarter. But due to SIM consolidation efforts, Jio has removed those users from the list who were not using the services. Due to this, the total subscriber count of Jio has come down by 84 lakhs in this quarter. Jio’s customer base is now close to 42 crore 10 lakhs. On the other hand, the number of subscribers of Jio Fiber has also crossed 50 lakhs.

Reliance Jio continues to perform well on the financial front as well. Jio Platforms’ net profit for the quarter grew 8.8% to ₹3,795 crore as compared to last year. The company has also made prepayment of its outstanding ₹30,791 crore spectrum charges till the year 2035. This will result in a saving of ₹1,200 crore annually in the form of interest.

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