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Jio’s split! These companies brought plans with rocket speed of 500Mbps at a very low price

New Delhi. Cheapest Broadband Plan With 500Mbps Speed, Today’s world has changed a lot and today we need high-speed connectivity. Be it gaming or multitasking or doing office work, high-speed internet has become a necessity for everyone. Internet service providers offer a variety of high-speed broadband plans to their customers. If we talk about Jio, then it also provides 500Mbps plan. At the same time, there are many other companies in the market in their competition, which provide better plans than Jio at a lower price. So let’s know about these plans.

Tata Play Fiber’s 500Mbps plan
Tata Play Fiber’s unlimited 500Mbps plan comes for Rs 2300. This is a one month plan. Users can also take this plan for long term. Because the company offers 500Mbps plans for different validity periods. For a period of three months, users will have to pay Rs 6,900. At the same time, Rs 12,900 will have to be paid for 6 months. On this you save Rs.900. If you take it for one year then you will have to pay Rs 24,600 in which you will save Rs 3,000. 3300GB or 3.3TB Fair Usage Policy (FUP) data is available with this broadband plan after which the speed drops to 3 Mbps.

Spectra of 500Mbps plan
Spectra has two 500Mbps plans. The first broadband plan comes with a price of Rs 1,599 per month. 500GB data is given in this. 4,797 will have to be paid for taking this plan for three months. At the same time, taking the plan for 6 months, its price is Rs 9,594 and for one year the price is Rs 19,188. The second plan comes at a price of Rs 1,999 per month. 750GB data is available every month in this plan. Rs 5,997 for three months, Rs 11,994 for six months and Rs 23,988 for 12 months.

JioFiber 500Mbps plan

The price of this plan is Rs 2,499 per month. In this, Jio offers many OTT subscriptions which include thirteen apps including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar. The validity of Amazon Prime Video that comes with this plan is one year. Unlimited data is being given in this plan.

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