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JioGamesWatch Game Streaming Platform Launched, Will Change Gaming Experience

The country’s leading tech company Reliance Jio is expanding its gaming architecture by adding a new game streaming platform. JioGamesWatch will provide users with gaming content including live gameplay and video-on-demand (VOD) streaming. The new platform will provide gaming lovers with an opportunity to watch exciting games.

JioGames has been operational since its inception in 2019. It is a gaming software that has attracted all levels of the gaming ecosystem from players to developers and publishers. It offers opportunities to grow online games, tournaments and e-sports.

The JioGamesWatch streaming platform now extends the features of JioGames by allowing gamers to stream live games. It has been designed to empower creators to live-stream their content with any device with minimal latency. The platform will also show a list of gaming content already created through JioGames. JioGames expects millions of users to come to the new streaming service.

The JioGamesWatch platform brings a lot of interactive opportunities for the users. Including audience polls and fan support through emotion. The platform is available on the JioGames app on Android, iOS and set-top-box (STB) devices. Users can take VOD membership from creators and influencers.

Platform creators get to stream games in high definition or in multiple resolution options for mobile streaming. JioGamesWatch has a better stream setting and multiple creator resources are available on the platform. Users with compatible devices can take advantage of JioGamesWatch service in India.

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