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Jio users beware! Bank account getting empty by sending SMS on phone

New Delhi. Jio Sending a message to all its users. In this everyone is being asked to be cautious. Along with this, the company is warning all the customers that they are never asked for any information in the name of KYC and verification. So never give any information that is confidential. Actually this is being done due to the continuous fraud. Scammers ask users for their documents and withdraw money from bank accounts.

How do scams

In the information that has surfaced in the last few months, it has been learned that users are asked to download an app. In this, the users are asked to fill the details of the Aadhar card. Whereas it is a VPN connect app. After downloading this app, the control of the entire mobile becomes in the hands of scammers. After this, he can easily read all the messages coming on the mobile phone.

Scammers get your bank account details from Aadhaar card details. An OTP is sent to your bank account and scammers do not even ask you for OTP. Because they can easily operate the whole mobile. Then they withdraw money from the bank account using that OTP. It comes under the category of cybercrime. You can also complain about this to the nearest police station.

Frauds are also being done through social media-

Many times you complain about the mobile network to Twitter or Facebook, even then these scammers keep an eye on it. They contact you after collecting all the information from social media. Also show fake ID to gain your trust. After this, in the name of redressal of the complaint, they ask for all the information and then carry out the fraud in the same way.

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