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Jio beats Airtel in 5G speed! Downloading speed of 600Mbps in Delhi NCR

5G Download Speed ​​in India: 5G is now officially available in some parts of India and is expected to roll out across the country by 2024. Airtel and Jio are expanding their networks across the country. Telecom major Jio’s 5G network has shown a top average download speed of 600 megabits per second, while Bharti Airtel’s network posted a top speed of around 516 Mbps, broadband speed research firm Ookla said in a report on Tuesday. However, once the network becomes widely available, the speed may drop drastically.

5G data speed in India

Popular internet testing firm Ookla has come up with a new report on 5G data speed in India. As per the analysis, Jio’s network speed is 598.58Mbps compared to Airtel’s 197.98Mbps in Delhi. Ookla recorded 5G download speeds in four metros including Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Varanasi since June 2022. Airtel was behind Jio in popular cities like Mumbai with download speeds of 271.07Mbps, while the latter had faster speeds of 515.38Mbps.

5G speed in Kolkata

Let us tell you that the speed of the two telecom networks in Kolkata differed the most. Airtel’s average download speed was 33.83 Mbps while Jio’s average download speed was 482.02 Mbps. “We expect these speeds to become more stable going forward as these networks enter the commercial phase,” said Sylvia Kecchiche, Principal Industry Analyst for Enterprise at Ookla.

This operator was ahead in 5G speed in Varanasi

In Varanasi, Jio and Airtel have achieved closing margins. Airtel has achieved 5G download speed of 516.57Mbps, while it has achieved 485.22Mbps download speed since June 2022. “These new 5G results show that 5G speeds are much better than existing networks in India,” Kechiche said.

Download speed of 716.85Mbps has been found in 5G testing

According to Ookla, Airtel has achieved speeds of 365.48Mbps to 716.85Mbps while deploying 5G using only its C-band spectrum holdings. Ookla claims that Jio’s network saw the highest growth in 5G-enabled devices (67.4 per cent), Airtel (61.6 per cent) and Vodafone Idea (56 per cent) compared to last year.

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