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Jetblue Airline Female Passenger Controversy: Airline Demands Rs 15 Lakh Compensation For Molesting Woman Passenger On Flight

Jetblue Airline Female Passenger Controversy: Female Passenger Complaint Against Airline: The woman went out on a journey with the daughter, but she would have an accident in the flight and she would reach the threshold of death, she did not think in its turn. The woman has sought compensation from the airline, let’s know the matter…

Jetblue Airline Female Passenger Controversy: You must have heard incidents like molestation, misbehavior, misbehavior with passengers in the flight, but now a case has come to light, for which the passenger has demanded a compensation of Rs 15 lakh from the airline. Compensation has been sought from Jet Blue Airlines. A woman passenger was spilled hot tea from the airline’s crew member. She has severe burn wounds on her chest, breasts, legs, left buttock and right arm. The woman passenger has given a written complaint with the photo of the wounds and demanded compensation from the airline. Let’s know what is the whole matter?

Incident of May 15, written complaint given on 24

The name of the passenger who was injured by the hot tea fall is Tehzana Louise. Louise was travelling alone with her 5-year-old daughter, who was terrified during the incident as Louise was in severe pain and discomfort. Lewis filed a written complaint on June 24, but the matter has only now come to the media’s notice. Lewis’ lawyer, Edward Zazlowicki, told the ABC news agency that the incident took place on May 15. Lewis was travelling from Orlando to Hartford, Florida. She was travelling on JetBlue flight 2237. Louise was sitting in the seat just behind the passenger who ordered a drink on this flight.

After the crew member, she was also saddened by the pilot’s attitude

According to the complaint, the passenger received a sudden shock while holding tea and the tea fell from the crew member’s hand on Louise. The tea was so hot, which burned many parts of his body. He suffered a lot, but the crew members only gave him first aid. The pilot did not react to the development. Nor did he come to see. The crew members, showing humanity, did not even ask if there was a doctor among the passengers? Lewis was screaming in pain, but the pilot neither made an emergency landing nor took the plane back to the airport. Lewis did not receive any help from the pilots and crew members of the flight after the incident.

Women will have to undergo skin transplant

According to media reports, Lewis’ lawyer Edward Zazlowicki said that the airline employees were negligent. Far from showing sympathy to the injured passenger, he did not even try to help him. Lewis experienced third-degree torture from the events and behavior. The burn marks on her body are such that she will have to undergo a skin transplant. As soon as he got off the flight, he had to go to the doctor in emergency. Lewis has sought compensation for his horrible and traumatic experience.


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