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Jeep-Thar is not worth lakhs, buy it from here for less than 10 thousand, even the child will be happy

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Jeep Thar Amazon Discount

Jeep and Thar have a separate fan base. Almost everyone likes these two vehicles. But the price of both these cars is in lakhs which does not come in everyone’s budget. By the way, there are not only adults but also children in this line. Children also now need a separate car for themselves. Therefore, if you want to make your child happy, then you can buy his/her favorite car.

You are getting these at huge discounts on the e-commerce platform Amazon. In this, you can also select the car according to your budget. Not only Jeep and Thar, you are getting other options here.

SHAKYA WORLD Rechargeable Jeep

You get the design of this jeep like a real jeep. Your child can have a lot of fun sitting in this jeep. This jeep runs with remote control. And a child of 1 to 4 years can drive it. The original price of this toddler car is Rs 20,000 but you are getting it for Rs 9,700 with 52 percent discount.

Jeep Car (Red)

The look of the red colored jeep is quite classy. A child of 3 to 10 years of age can drive this car. This is a remote control car which small children can easily drive. This car does not cause any harm to children unless the child commits any mistake. The original price of this jeep is Rs 15,999 but you can buy it for only Rs 9,900 with 38 percent discount.

Mahindra Thar Jeep

It is a toy car that looks like the real Thar, but is not as expensive as the real Thar. You can buy it from Amazon with 41 percent discount for just Rs 474. Its design is quite spectacular. For information, let us tell you that this car is only a toy and it cannot be driven.

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