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Jeep Meridian coming in 7-seater SUV avatar, you will go crazy for its sleek look

New Delhi.
Jeep India (Jeep IndiaThe Indian market is all set to launch its new 7-seater SUV. The company has announced its name. The company is selling this new car jeep meridian ,Jeep Meridian) will launch. The Jeep Meridian will have the original DNA of the Jeep brand. This new SUV was waiting for a long time. A list of 70 different names was studied for its name. The name of this 7-seater SUV reflects the grandeur of India. The name Jeep Meridian is inspired by the line that runs through India and connects some of the most beautiful states and cultures. Make in India Jeep Meridian will be the first 7-seater SUV for the Indian customers.

Living up to its name, Jeep Meridian’s unique and innovatively designed camouflage features some of the most celebrated symbols and cultures of states that line the 77 degree path of India’s equator (meridian). Huh. These include the famous India Gate of Delhi, the camel of Rajasthan, the tiger of Madhya Pradesh, the flag of Maharashtra, the elephant of Karnataka, the coconut tree of Kerala, etc. The Jeep Meridian with unmatched camouflage has driven through Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, New Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and stunned in the most difficult topographical terrains
went through challenges.

The Jeep Meridian has covered over 5000 kms in India and its performance has been tested on various parameters like build quality, engineering and capability. The Jeep Meridian has every feature of Jeep, it embodies the DNA of Jeep. The Jeep Meridian will be launched in India in the middle of 2022 with local features and the price will be announced sometime before the launch.


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