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Jeep EV: Forget Alto-Nano, this electric jeep will come for Rs 2.50 lakh, delivery will be done sitting at home

Jeep Electric: Electric cars are expensive because of the battery pack. That’s why many people shy away from buying them. But there is an electric jeep which is cheaper than Royal Enfield Himalayan. You can buy it easily, and you will get it delivered at your home. Know about its range and price here.

Jeep Electric Price: Electric vehicles are gaining immense popularity in India and around the world. Leading car companies of the auto industry are making new electric vehicles, and people are also liking them. Some people are converting their cars into electric versions so that they can avoid spending less on petrol and diesel. An electric version of one such old Mahindra Willys jeep has come in the market. This jeep has been converted into EV. The amazing thing is that its price is less than Royal Enfield Himalayan 450.

Seeing this jeep, you will be reminded of the old speedy jeep. Let us make one thing clear that the jeep being talked about here is not a real jeep. Instead, it is an electric car that looks like a jeep . This is a custom project made to look like a jeep. To make it drivable, parts from different vehicles have been used.

Jeep Electric: Design

Talking about its design, the EV jeep is made of fiber body. It looks exactly like the vintage Willys jeep which was once very popular in India. This electric jeep has been made by Green Master Company of Haryana. It will get custom LED headlights and open chassis. The EV company will provide 30 liters of boot space to keep luggage inside the bonnet.

Electric jeep gives you great driving experience. The height of this SUV is about 1.32 meters and length is about 2.87 meters. At the same time, the total weight of the electric version of the jeep is around 350 kg. This car comes with an excellent ground clearance of 459 mm.

Jeep electric version

Electric jeep. (Credit: Green Master)

Jeep Electric: Range

Talking about the suspension setup of Jeep EV, suspension struts taken from Royal Enfield motorcycles have been provided at all four corners. In terms of powertrain, it has a 1500 watt EV motor, which generates maximum 2 bhp power and 9 Nm torque. Talking about the range, once fully charged, this Jeep EV covers a distance of about 70 km.

Jeep Electric: Features

There is a small storage on its dashboard and a small digital meter giving information about speed and battery. Apart from this, the interior is very clear, it gets a custom steering wheel with front and rear gears in the middle. Only two tail lights are provided at the rear of the car.

It will get two leather seats at the front and one seat at the rear. The electric jeep has 15-inch steel rims, which will probably not change. Actually, according to the capacity of the electric jeep, 15 inch steel rims have been given.

Jeep Electric: Price and delivery

As we have already told you that the price of Jeep EV is less than Royal Enfield Himalayan 450. The price of Jeep Electric on Green Master’s website is Rs 2.60 lakh. Whereas, the ex-showroom price of Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 starts from Rs 2.85 lakh.

You can order it at home by calling the contact number present on Green Master’s website . The company will provide delivery facility to your home. However, transportation charges will have to be paid separately.


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