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Jeep Compass Diesel or Petrol? What is the better option? understand

Jeep Compass SUV: Jeep has announced to discontinue the petrol engine of its Compass car, which has become a topic of discussion between diesel and petrol engines. However, when it comes to the engine of this car, the diesel engine Compass has always been at number one as compared to the petrol one.

The Cotton was first launched with a 2.0L diesel engine, mated to a manual gearbox. Later it was offered with multiple gearbox options. Since then till now the Compass was being sold in both petrol and diesel variants.

The new RDE norms mean that the petrol engine of this car cannot be carried forward. The 1.4 turbo petrol engine used in this car was supposed to give tremendous power. But the diesel engine suits better on this car. Along with getting a great driving experience on this engine, the mileage is also better. The 2.0l diesel engine given in it gets a torque output of 350Nm with a power output of 170bhp. Which is more than the petrol engine. Based on past experience diesel engine has always performed better. That’s why it remains our choice.

Although the number of petrol vehicles is more in a market like Delhi. While this range does not require a petrol power train. For now, the diesel engine will remain with the 4X4 option of the Compass. The Jeep range currently includes the Meridian and the Compass in India, and both will now be sold with diesel engines. However, the Meridian has been sold only with the diesel engine since its launch.


Jeep’s Wrangler and Grand Cherokee come with a turbo charged petrol engine. Although these are big size engines. Globally, Jeep sells the Compass with a petrol engine as well. That’s why it is also expected to return soon. Despite this, the diesel engine will remain the first choice for this SUV because, at this price, its torque and mileage are tremendous, so like the rest of the SUVs, the diesel variant of the Compass remains the preferred model till now. lakh rupees


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