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Japanese experts help QuantumScape develop solid-state batteries

Now Japanese manufacturers of lithium batteries cannot boast of leading positions in the market, but it is generally accepted that it is in this country that the scientific potential sufficient for their improvement has been preserved. It is for this reason that the young American company QuantumScape has opened a new research center in Japan.

Recall that QuantumScape is focusing on the development of solid-state lithium metal batteries, which should speed up the charging process of electric vehicles. Existing prototype batteries of the new type have already demonstrated the ability to retain 80% of the initial capacity after 400 rapid charge cycles from 10 to 80% capacity within 15 minutes. Existing analogues after such a load lose their ability to take charge much faster.

Volkswagen remains QuantumScape’s largest investor, but the first of the companies claims to work closely with two other major automakers. The company’s representative office in Kyoto will not only engage in research and development, but also facilitate interaction with Japanese companies, including many automakers. Now QuantumScape is actively hiring staff for the Japanese representative office, promising to start the work of the local laboratory before the end of this year.



source: Electrek




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