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Japan explained why Russia still has not defeated coronavirus

In general, Russia has suffered more from the coronavirus than Japan. However, the results of the polls indicate that residents are not so much afraid of the virus. For example, to the question “Are you afraid of infection?” 48 percent answered “Yes” and 50 percent – “No”. At the same time, when asked whether they will be vaccinated for free, 45% of participants still answer negatively, although, of course, this indicator is still decreasing. Only 19 percent of citizens agree to be vaccinated, and 33 percent of residents are fully vaccinated.

The author of the article hypothesizes that the desire or unwillingness to get vaccinated among Russians is related to their income level. The higher the region’s median income, the higher the vaccination rate. True, after analyzing the situation in Russia, the author admitted that in fact, contrary to expectations, there is no significant connection between them: if you do not take into account Moscow, then a high level of vaccination is mostly observed in remote regions. This is explained by the small population and higher salaries.

In general, the author believes that the refusal of vaccinations can be associated only with the peculiarities of the Russian mentality.

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