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It’s the height of! Man went for gallbladder operation, doctors sterilized him

Doctors made a terrible mistake (symbolic photo: Pixabay)

Doctors are considered to be another form of God on earth, who work to save people’s lives. People have lost hope of survival, many times doctors save him too. Such medical miracles are often seen. Although sometimes it happens that even doctors make mistakes, but there are many mistakes which people get worried after knowing about them. One such case is much discussed these days, which has left everyone shocked and troubled.

In fact, a man from Argentina got the biggest shock of his life when he went to the hospital to get his gallbladder surgery done. Later he came to know that instead of operating on the gallbladder, the doctors had sterilized it. The name of this person is George Basto. According to the report of the website Oddity Central, earlier this week, 41-year-old Jorge went to the Florencio Diaz Provincial Hospital located in Cordoba, Argentina. The operation was scheduled for February 28, but due to some reason the date was postponed by a day.

sterilization done by mistake

According to reports, on the day of the surgery, the hospital staff came to the patient’s room, laid him on a stretcher and without asking him anything or checking his chart, they took him to the operation theatre. The surprising thing is that even the doctors did not bother to check his chart to find out what his problem was. They directly sterilized him. When George woke up after the surgery, a doctor came to examine him, but after seeing the chart, he too was surprised and informed George about the sterilization.

‘Life has been ruined’

Although George’s gallbladder was also operated later, George says that the doctors ruined his life. George is now thinking of suing those doctors as well as the hospital for this negligence on the part of the doctors. His lawyer says that vasectomy is usually done in the hospital on Wednesdays, so the doctors made this terrible mistake, but they should have at least seen the chart of George’s illness. This is gross negligence.


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