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It’s the height of! An unknown person secretly entered the couple’s house, took a bath, then committed a disgusting incident.

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It has become a common thing nowadays to sneak into someone’s house and steal things and run away. Nowadays thieves have become so clever that when they enter the house and loot and run away, no one is even aware of it, but just imagine what it would be like if someone you don’t know enters your house and steals nothing. What a surprise it would be if you just take a bath in the bathroom and do the potty and leave. Yes, one such strange case is in the news these days, which has left people shocked.

Actually, when a couple was not at home, an unknown person secretly entered their house, searched their belongings and then used their bathroom. She made matters worse when she took a bath in the bathroom and while doing so, pooped and left it there. This strange case is from Nashville, Tennessee, America.

Home security camera exposed

According to media reports, Kerrigan Nardi and her husband had gone on a date. During this time, the security system of his house informed that some activity was taking place in his house. Now, since he had left his pets at home, he initially ignored the alarm, but later when he checked the security camera, he realized that some unknown person had entered his house. The footage showed that he was scattering the couple’s belongings here and there and then went to the bathroom and took a bath. After seeing this, the couple immediately informed the police.

The man was sitting on the sofa wrapped in a towel

When the police reached the house, they saw that the unknown person was comfortably sitting on the sofa wrapped in a towel. Then the police immediately arrested him. He has been identified as Samuel Smith. After the incident, the couple told that ‘when he was taking bath in my house, he also did potty and left it like that. I think he decided it would be a good gift for the homeowners. Taking a lesson from this strange experience, the couple has urged people to install security cameras in their homes.

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