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“It’s ridiculously small,” Elon Musk announced a rise in the price of Tesla autopilot and promised to solve the problem of full unmanned driving this year

Tesla plans to raise the price of its proprietary self-driving software, CEO Elon Musk has announced.

Today, Tesla vehicles come standard with a driver-assistance system called Autopilot. For an additional $12,000, owners can buy the FSD (full self-driving) feature, which greatly expands the unmanned capabilities of the car and is already working on ordinary city streets.

However, Tesla vehicles, even those equipped with a full self-driving system, are not self-driving. It requires the driver to remain alert and take control when necessary.

Musk said Wednesday that Tesla has deployed FSD with city navigation capabilities to more than 100,000 owners to date. The latest version of FSD 10.13 includes updates such as improved unprotected left turns, animal detection, speed limit accuracy, pedestrian and cyclist detection.

Musk didn’t say how much the price would increase, but said it’s “ridiculously low” at the moment. Tesla has been raising the price of FSD over the years. Most recently in January 2022, when the automaker increased the cost from a one-time payment of $10,000 to $12,000. Musk did not say if Tesla would increase the cost of the monthly subscription, which is currently priced at $199 per month.

Musk said the price increase would come before Tesla moves into “public beta,” which means anyone who wants to use the beta software can do so.

Musk also said that by the end of this year, Tesla will “solve the problem of full self-driving driving.” This could mean reaching level 4 of autonomy, where the car can drive most of the time under certain conditions without human intervention.

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